Helsott Dropping Off July 9th Show @ Ramona Mainstage

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We have to drop out of the Ramona Mainstage show with War Pigs and Blackout July 9th. We apologize for any inconvenience this has placed on anyone.

Eric explains below.

Un-fortunately I have to back Helsott out of the show at Ramona Mainstage July 9th. 2 major reasons for doing this are: Before our tour this month I got Covid. The coughing for weeks straight destroyed my vocal cords. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, especially Malphas who had already arranged their flights from PA for the tour, I took “the show must go on” attitude. Obviously screaming for over a week straight with a fucked up voice did nothing but extreme damage. As I type this I am actually sick again and do not feel like I can perform at a level that is necessary to deliver even a half way decent Helsott set on my part.

The day before our tour my mother fell ill with complications from Parkinson’s and Pneumonia. She wouldn’t have wanted us to cancel the tour on her behalf so again “the show must go on” attitude was used. Now that I am home from tour I plan to go and see her. I must wait until I feel well enough for travel and I simply don’t know when I’ll be back in CA. I hope you all understand and hope to see you soon. -Eric Dow



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