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We are home from tour. What a crazy ride. What a great experience. We wish to thank everyone involved with this tour.

Jess: Thank you for your hard work and support. You are HELSOTT!!!

Fans: Thank you for your support! It is up to you to keep Pagan/Folk Metal alive in North America. Keep buying the merchandise, keep going to the shows and keep finding new people to drag to the shows with you. CONTINUE BUILDING YOUR LOCAL SCENES. You are the reason we are able to do what we do and we would like to keep doing this a long time.

RTN USA: Thank you for another opportunity to drag our brand of Pagan Metal around this amazing continent.

Promoters: Thank you for continually risking your asses to bring metal shows to your scene. The business is in a rough state right now and you have a sometimes thank-less role to play in keeping it alive.

Local Support: Thank you for dragging people out to the shows. Sometimes we all get frustrated with pre-sales, promotion, getting sets cut, playing in front of tour backlines…etc. With the state of the scene right now it is all a necessary evil. Just keep plugging away and keep working your asses off and good things will come your way.

House Sound/Stage Crew: We travel without a sound guy or crew most of the time and we put our sound in your hands. Thank you for your efforts in making us sound great in your market!

Venue Owner: Thanks for being open minded enough to let your Promoters book these rebels at your establishments.

Winterhymn: Thank you some fun evenings. We didn’t get much opportunity to party with you because you were only running with us the last week of tour, but you left a lasting impression on us. We shall do it again sometime.

Heidevolk and Mike: What else can we say other than FUCK YOU GUYS. YOU ARE TOTAL DICKS. HAHA. Seriously though, you guys are amazing. Thank you for your friendship and for your professionalism. You guys definitely set the bar high night after night and we aspire to be half as bad ass as you are. We look forward to the next run of 80’s metal after show parties, late night Heineken and whisky fueled ramblings. Mike, you are a bad ass. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for taking care of your boys. You went above and beyond to make sure we sounded as good as we could each night and you didn’t have to do that. We know you don’t read internet shit but thank you anyway.

Arkona and Anton: Thank you for TOUR! You guys killed it every night. Helsott were already fans of you guys before we signed up for this tour and now we are girly super-fans. Haha. Thanks for the friendships and for the parties. Stay safe the rest of Pagan Rebellion!!!



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