Helsott to open for Goatwhore/Incantation

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Buy Now! Note: Tickets purchased will be available at Will Call the day of the show. Just bring Photo I.D.

Big Changes

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***Big Changes***

Cooper and Mark are no longer a part of Helsott. We wish them well in all their future endeavors.

Cooper says – “It’s been a great decade amigos, and now it’s time for me to move on from the mighty Helsótt. The truth is our schedules do not line up and alternate musical pathways are calling to me. I wish Eric, Mark, Pete, and everyone who has been involved in the band the absolute best. I’m moving into an exciting new chapter of my musical career and free agency with many new projects in the works. I’m greatly looking forward to the new opportunities in the coming months and years, and again I wish my friends and family in Helsótt a fantastic future and all the best in ‘22 and beyond. Thank you gentlemen for an unforgettable ride.”

We are extremely excited to announce their replacements. Please give a warm welcome to the Simsay brothers (Alexander Wisdom Simsay and Zachary Simsay) who will be joining Helsott as permanent members! The future is bright and we can’t wait to see where the next quest will take us!

Eric says – “The first time I saw Alex and Zach’s band Fadrait I was blown away. I never thought I’d be looking for a drummer but here we are and Alex is one of the first guys I thought of. He’s going to be a great addition the band. As for Zach, I’ve actually tried to get him to join Helsott many times in the past when the 2nd guitar position was available. I love Zach’s style and have always wondered what Helsott could sound like writing with him. Well 4th times a charm and this time I nabbed 2 Simsay’s! This is going to be epic.”

Alex says – “After years of sharing the stage with this kick ass group and hanging out with them at metal shows, I’m both excited and honoured to have been formally asked to join helsott as their new drummer! I can’t wait to melt faces and blast ass with this amazing group. Adventure Awaits! Huzaaahhh! P.S. Everyone welcome my irl brother Zachary Simsay as well! Through a miracle Eric somehow got the both of us haha!

Zach says – “After years of watching Helsott from the crowd and playing shows beside them I can truly say they are all phenomenal musicians and friends. I am not only honored but I am ecstatic to be a part of the crew and join my brother as a new members on this ship.”

Un-fortunately Michael Doc Beaulieu will be stepping down from bass duties, but will still be with the band in a more “behind the scenes” type of roll as Co-Manager/Executive Producer. We will be moving forward in the meantime with the amazing Melanie Sisneros on bass for the upcoming gigs.

Doc says – “My tenure with Helsótt has been incredible. Making the leap from supporter to touring bassist gave me a whole different appreciation for touring bands and the touring and festival scene. The energy I’ve received from metal fans worldwide has renewed my enthusiasm for everything I strive to do in life. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue with Helsótt in a role that fits best with my other professional and personal pursuits.”

With all this news comes the decision to drop out of the show this Sunday at Brick By Brick with label mates Graveshadow and Vintersea. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone.

The show with Goatwhore and Incantation Aug 19th at 1720 is still a go for us! Zach will be focusing on playing Wacken with his band Mythraeum so we have tapped our dear friend and brother in arms Nick Harrington once again to fill in on guitar duties for this show. It’s going to be a blast so come out and support!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and who continue to show their support. We march onward into the fire with much fight left in us!

Drink Motherfucker Drink!

Helsott Dropping Off July 9th Show @ Ramona Mainstage

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We have to drop out of the Ramona Mainstage show with War Pigs and Blackout July 9th. We apologize for any inconvenience this has placed on anyone.

Eric explains below.

Un-fortunately I have to back Helsott out of the show at Ramona Mainstage July 9th. 2 major reasons for doing this are: Before our tour this month I got Covid. The coughing for weeks straight destroyed my vocal cords. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, especially Malphas who had already arranged their flights from PA for the tour, I took “the show must go on” attitude. Obviously screaming for over a week straight with a fucked up voice did nothing but extreme damage. As I type this I am actually sick again and do not feel like I can perform at a level that is necessary to deliver even a half way decent Helsott set on my part.

The day before our tour my mother fell ill with complications from Parkinson’s and Pneumonia. She wouldn’t have wanted us to cancel the tour on her behalf so again “the show must go on” attitude was used. Now that I am home from tour I plan to go and see her. I must wait until I feel well enough for travel and I simply don’t know when I’ll be back in CA. I hope you all understand and hope to see you soon. -Eric Dow

Welcome to Babylon!

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Will in the West 2022 w/Malphas

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New Video: Independence Night Featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens

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New video for WILL AND THE WITCH!

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Helsott Guest Headline Wacken Metal Battle: OC

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We were added to the Wacken Metal Battle USA: Orange County show on March 5th @ Stages in Santa Ana! Come party with us and cheer on all of the competing bands!
Tix available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wacken-metal-battle-usa-2022-orange-county-tickets-217226579547


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BUY NOW (NOTE: Tickets purchased will be available at will call the day of the show. Just bring your photo ID.

WOVEN, Remixed and Remastered!!!

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HELSOTT REVEALS A NEWLY REMIXED & REMASTERED VERSION OF ‘WOVEN’America’s leading pagan metal group celebrates 10th anniversary with reissue of full-length debutIn celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary, M-Theory Audio is proud to reissue “Woven,” the debut full-length by America’s leading pagan metal band, Helsott. Due Nov. 13, the album – which features striking fantasy artwork by Felipe Machado Franco (#IcedEarth, #BlindGuardian) – has been newly remixed and remastered by J-F Dagenais (#Kataklysm, #MiseryIndex, #ExDeo). A limited-edition, 180-gram white wax pressing of 200 hand-numbered copies will mark the album’s first-ever vinyl release. The CD, meanwhile, will include the band’s 2012 debut EP “Fólkvangr” – which has also been remixed and remastered by Dagenais – as bonus tracks. Both formats of “Woven” are available now for pre-order at http://smarturl.com/helsott. Digital pre-orders, meanwhile, include an instant download of the song (and newly-released digital single) “Agamemnon,” a music video for which can be seen at this location: https://youtu.be/P7xnkqkBwKY Since their formation, the California-based #HELSOTT – whose name means “fatal illness” in Old Norse – has paid homage to pagan cultures and mythologies while keeping true to their American influences. The group’s unique mix of folk metal, death metal, symphonic metal, thrash, classical and rock first caught the attention of audiences on a large scale during the 2013 #Paganfest North American tour, where they performed with #Ensiferum, #Tyr and #Trollfest. That tour set the stage for the 2014 release of “Woven,” which was supported with tours alongside #Arkona and #Heidevolk.”‘Woven’ sonically reveals our lives at the time – the ups and downs, thrills and chills,” says drummer Cooper Dustman of the band’s formative work. “A dance between beauty and brutality make this a true staple to a sound that represents our journey in metal music.”While the original songs contained on “Woven” were powerful musical statements in their own rights, the newly remixed and remastered version of the record breathes new life and reinvigorated strength into the band’s already-stellar work. “‘Woven’ is a collection of songs written during a dark time in my life,” says guitarist Mark Dow. “It was, at that time, my escape from all of that nonsense. I am very happy to finally present it in the way it’s meant to be heard thanks to J-F.”Dagenais also helped provide a new sonic experience for the group’s 2012 debut EP “Fólkvangr,” available as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of “Woven.” The same songs will also be offered with the vinyl release as digital bonus tracks accessible via a download code. “It was a pleasure to re-mix and give a facelift to Helsott’s first album, ‘Woven,’” states J-F Dagenais “This record is full of heart and soul from start to finish, definitely worth checking out!” “‘Woven’ is one of my best achievements in my life,” adds vocalist Eric Dow. “With this reissue, we included our 2012 EP ‘Fólkvangr,’ which has also been remixed and mastered by J-F. Now every song in our catalog has been mixed and mastered by J-F and released by M-Theory Audio. I couldn’t be happier about that!”In the years since the original release of “Woven,” HELSOTT has released an EP (2017’s “The Healer”) and a second full-length (2018’s “Slaves and Gods”) and logged many touring miles worldwide with artists including #Korpiklaani, I Am Morbid, #Necrophagia, Tengger Cavalry, Ashes of Ares, Felix Martin, Arkona, #Skyforger and #Finsterforst. In addition, the band has performed at major European festivals such as #Wacken Open Air and #CernunnosPaganFest. The group is currently working on a new album, which they hope to release in 2021.